Installation and general conditions of use

The Irri-Pipe irrigation system consists in an underground pipe network of flexible Irri-Pipes.

Examples of installation:

The irrigation pipes are installed in the depth of the roots, of the irrigated plants. The porous pipe distributes the water over its surface and its whole length, like a natural membrane. The areas which are irrigated with our system and surrounded with soil become a homogeny humid area. In order to reach this result, the distance between the pipelines should be chosen in function with the quality and especially with the capillarity of the soil. Generally the pipes are installed in an equal distance to each other. Each line is connected to a supply pipe. At the beginning of the supply pipe is a head station. The supply pipes can be separated in multiple modules, in order to use the resources without overload.

The Irri-Pipe irrigation system includes:


The Irri-Pipe system works continuously or in intervals thanks to control system. The choice of the right irrigation method depends on the crop, the climate and the soil quality. This avoids dehydration and over watering. The irrigation system works on uneven surfaces until an altitude difference to 4%. The system also works in different lengths with the same supply pipe. With the low pressure, the water rate for the pipe is constant on long distances. This way a constant irrigation on a certain surface can be guaranteed. Liquid fertilizers and other supplements can be brought to the roots with the Irri-Pipe system.


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