Irri-Pipe and its usage

Irri-Pipe is a porous, aquiferous pipe, wich has to be laid under the surface.

One big advantage of the pipes are there producing. Cause they are made of 65% of old tyres, they help reducing waste.

The functionality of the pipe: The water gets into the pipe with nearly no pressure. And cause of the pipes porousity the pipe ,sweats‘ out the water. And so it only gets out where the earth is try of where the roots need the water. (capillarity) Thes means nearly 100% of water usage cause of no evaporation.

You need the Irri-Pipe on places, where plants, cultures and green spaces are in need of water, fertalizer and oxygen. That means in all private gardens and also for professional users. Users are: agrarian undertakings, market gardens, sports grounds, city irrigations, hotels, golfplaces and parks and many more.

  1. direct irrigation of roots and plants
  2. nearly no evaporation - that means:
  3. reducing 70 % water usage
  4. equal water transport through the pipe cause of the perfect pressure
  5. pointed and economical fertalization through the pipe
  6. protects heated turf of drying through frost
Stronger roots, better growing, higher income.


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